Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chrysalis - Definition

This is one of my favorite psychedelic albums. Hands down. Chrysalis' sole album "Definition" is a sure-fire hit! It should've been big! It could've been big! But it wasn't.

All of the songs on the album were written by guitarist James 'Spider' Barbour.

  1. What Will Become Of The Morning
  2. Lacewing
  3. Cynthia Gerome
  4. April Grove
  5. Father's Getting Old
  6. 30 Poplar
  7. Baby Let Me Show You Where I've Been
  8. Fitzpatrick Swanson
  9. Lake Hope
  10. Piece Of Sun
  11. Summer In Your Savage Eyes
  12. Dr. Root's Garden
  13. The Dues Are Hard*
  14. Gimme Your Love*
  15. Sink In Deeper*
  16. Window Shopping*
  17. Well I Can Ride*
  18. Cold And Windy City*
  19. Cynthia Gerome (demo)*
  20. Dr. Root's Garden (demo)*
Those tracks marked with an asterisk are bonus tracks. They are previously unreleased demos for a scrapped second album (except 19 and 20, which are early takes of tracks featured on the album)

no password :P

Tracks 1-12:

Tracks 13-20, cover art, artist info:

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  1. Wow. you got good taste for one 'so young'!
    Thanks for the 3rd apple comp today--I have loved Chrysalis since I was your age!! [one of the few who bought-loved the album when it was released]